Drew Mc Farland, Ohio

Prepare to be stumped. A star poet?

April 21, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics, Intermediates, Species

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I’ve already sent this around to some historic enthusiasts and some of our most knowledgeable members, including those with field experience with species.  So far, no one has seen its like before.  It’s been fully checked on Daffseek as both a 9 and a 3.
Does anyone have any idea what it is?
Photo was taken Saturday, Zone 6, near where Pennsylvania, Ohio and W.Va. come together at a historic mansion constructed in phases from the late 1700s up to the 1840s, and which had many notable visitors over those years and since (i.e., it could have come from about anywhere; not limited to commercial sources).
It was untended in a single patch of a foot across or so just outside a mowed area at the edge of a light wood.  About intermediate in height and the bloom moderately small. No other daffodils nearby other than a more common “plain” poet in several nearby clumps.
The best guess I’ve heard is that it may have been a named or unnamed Engleheart creation.
Thanks for your thoughts,
Drew Mc Farland
Granville, Ohio

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