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April 19, 2009

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Dear Daffnetters…

I am herewith forwarding the three lines of ‘computerese verbage’ that will allow you to access a recent TV clip featuring Margaret Ford on the CBS affiliate station WTVR (The first TV station in the south!). The interview was done ‘live’ on Friday, April 3rd, which was the first day of the Virginia Daffodil Society annual show at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden here in Richmond.
I have no idea how little of the above needs to be used to access the video.  I highlighted the entire three lines…copied them and then pasted them into the vacant space that accepts the http://www. letters on my computer, and it worked.  I hope you enjoy seeing this remarkable lady who has meant so very much to Betty and me and the Virginia Daffodil Society.  For those who are not aware, Margaret’s “Yellow Fever” reached the ‘stratosphere’ at her very first show when she won Best In Show!  I can tell you that it was definitely NOT beginner’s luck!  She and Skip are still achieving that award at numerous shows in our area.
Incidentally, the Fords are very recent new members to Daffnet!

Ross A. Hotchkiss, President
Virginia Daffodil Society
(and a proud Margaret Ford protege)
Richmond, Virginia

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