SWODS Show Room photo

April 15, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, General

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Tom left out a name or two: Sue Bartle is in conversation with Kathleen Simpson. Everyone needs to watch out for Kathleen, she’s turning into a formidable exibitor.
In the second row, the figure bending over in the cranberry colored top is Rebecca Koesters from Dayton The gentlemen in the dark grey jacket with his back to Kay Cunningham is Don Cunningham, her husband.
To the extreme rear left, are Liz Ragouzis and Tag Bourne. To the extreme rear right, head bent over, is Nancy Gill staging flowers. To the rear right, in conversation, are Phyllis Hess and Hurst Sloniker (in tan jacket),
Linda Wallpe PS> The photo of John Beck is a figment of your imagination. He prefers to travel under the radar.

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