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May 22, 2009

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Thank you to so many of you that are interested in purchasing excess copies of the RHS Yearbooks in the ADS Library.  I believe I will be successful in selling all of our excess inventory.  You will own a piece of history, ADS will make a little $, and I will be able to get the books off of a fishing boat in my garage!  Fortunately the boat is a spare, and makes a fine library cart for now.  I consulted with Brian Duncan, to determine when RHS Yearbooks have been produced, and years when they were not.  This is what Brian responded with:

The first yearbook was published in 1913, followed by 1914,1915…   then a break,  resumed 1933 -1940 then 1941 missed out, and back in 1942, and a break until 1946 after WWII, and it has been continuous since then.

Many of you had asked me for this historical data, so you could determine what you did, or did not want.  The more current versions of the Yearbooks are softbound, the older ones are hardbound.  I am filling orders as long as the stock holds out, and will process them in the order in which your inquiry arrived.  I will be in touch.


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