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Announcing the addition of the Swedish language to DaffSeek

June 16, 2009

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Mira Birgitta Vanek has completed the complex and difficult task of translating DaffSeek into Swedish. She was aided by her husband, Henry Shejbal, and her friend Maj Britt Bergman. Her translations were corroborated and amended by Cecilia Wingård of Sweden.
Mira’s short biographical paragraph, which appears on the DaffSeek translator’s acknowledgement page is as follows:
Mira Birgitta Vanek – Swedish
Mira B. Vanek was born in Sweden but since she was nine years old has been living in Italy. Her father was a Czech diplomat and her mother was Swedish, so she grew up using several languages, while her education, up to the qualification as internal architect, was in Italian. She loves daffodils and participated in launching the yearly Italian garden daffodil show, Mostra del Narciso, together with her husband, Henry Shejbal. When carrying out the translation of the “Help” and “Acknowledgements” pages of DaffSeek into Swedish, she received important help from her friend Maj Britt Bergman, who also lives near Rome, and who kindly reviewed the terms used in the database, which were also amended by Cecilia Wingård who resides in Sweden.
We recognize Mira’s efforts in translating DaffSeek into Swedish. I, Nancy, and many others working on DaffSeek, really appreciate the value of languages to the horticultural world.
Thank you Mira!
Ben Blake

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