George Dorner, Illinois

Communication to all from John Pearson

June 7, 2009

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Here’s a very satisfying communication for all ADS members from this year’s top honoree.

George Dorner

From: “John Pearson” < title=>
Subject: ADS Gold Medal
Dear George,
    I write to say how honoured I am to have been awarded the ADS Gold Medal.  Reg Nicholl came to see me in hospital two days after my heart operation and when he presented me with the medal I was completely overwhelmed and absolutely delighted.  It was a complete surprise and cheered me up no end after the uncertainty of the operation.  I should like to thank everyone in the ADS for this award.
    I had to have this heart operation to replace a valve and do two by-passes, which was quite major.  Now, five weeks after it, I am feeling fine and doing so well that last Friday the surgeon said that he does not need to see me again.  Very encouraging!  He even sanctioned a little gentle bulb digging in a week’s time!  Just as well, as all the foliage is dying down fast now.
    I plan to go to Murphys for the 2010 Convention, so I hope I shall meet you there.
With kind regards,    John Pearson

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