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dig & divide questions

June 20, 2009

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Many Thanks,

Nancy Tackett
Kerrville Texas


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Subject: dig & divide questions
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 10:52:55 -0400

Morning everyone,
I’m doing an overdue “dig and divide” operation on my daffodils and
have some questions:

1.  One clump included a bulb that had what looked like a really fat,
black worm inside the bulb. My “gardeners’ bowie knife” from Brent and
Becky’s made short work of the worm and the bulb, but should I also do
something else with the other bulbs or the soil they came from?  The
rest of the bulbs in the clump didn’t look like they were infected/ affected.

2.  Again, one bulb in another clump had a mushy basil plate.  That
bulb’s been tossed, and the rest of the clump looks normal, but should
I do something else?

3.  A basket of mini bulbs morphed into one huge bulb that looks like
a huge onion that had begun to peel open!  In fact, said bulb is
breaking the berry basket!  What do I do with that bulb?

4.  On the other side, a basket of mini bulbs now contains about 3
dozen really tiny bulbs!  Each bulb is no larger than a small pea, and
some are about half that size.  Now what?

5.  Some multi-nosed bulbs almost self-separate, and it’s just a case
of carefully pulling their roots apart.  If appropriate, other noses
need to be manually cracked off.  But how large should the secondary,
etc. bulbs be before it is safe to crack the smaller bulbs off the
‘mother bulb?’

6.  Does one wash the bulbs with a bleach & water solution, or just
plain water?

7.  What do you do with bulbs that have been grown in a pot?

8.  We have a very shady plot, & sunny space is hard to find, so some
bulbs are planted close together, while others have space to spread
out.  The ones that have space seem to naturalize and bury themselves
in layers, deeper in our hard clay soil, instead of going horizontal.
Would that be an accurate observation, or did I originally bury them
deeper than I thought?

9.  My digger sometimes cuts about a third of the way into the side of
a bulb.  Can I re-plant this bulb immediately?

I know it’s a lot, but I haven’t been able to find much guidance
elsewhere and decided to ask the experts.


Vicky Eicher

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