Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

Fw: dig & divide questions

June 21, 2009

Categories: Bulb Information, Growing Daffodils

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Hi, Vicky, Keith and all,

Vicky, I know that you live in Virginia.  Perhaps someone from there can suggest any modifications to Keith’s great responses.

Vicky, going back to your question 5 on separating multi-nose bulbs, what I have been  told and do is this:  If the bulb segment does self-separate, fine, it has its own basal plant and will do just fine planted separately.  If it doesn’t not self-separate when you are cleaning or sorting your bulbs, don’t force it.  So don’t crack off any smaller bulbs from the mother.  Wait until they’ve decided to fly the nest on their own.  ;->

Becky Fox Matthews
that daffy girl near Nashville, TN

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