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please help

June 5, 2009

Category: Growing Daffodils

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Hello All,


Last year some people from Northern Italy asked me to publish a photo of daffodils growing in a beautiful park at Racconigi, near Cuneo. The photo was small and not very clear. I put the picture in my site because there are not many places where daffodils grow practically naturalized in Italian gardens and parks. My comment was that the daffodil shown is probably a jonquil. I was also told that later on poets blossom in the same park.

This year my contact sent a professional photographer to make photos and let me have a CD with the images asking for ID of the daffodils. There seem to be two distinct varieties which do not look the same as in the picture of last year and do not even have the same colour. Perhaps there are different varieties in the sections of that park.

Could you kindly help me? Last year’s picture can be seen here http://www.florianabulbose.eu/bulbi.net/PARCHI/ftm/023_NaVillaBerroni.htm.

Please click on the words FIORITURA DEL 2009 underneath the picture to see the new series of images.


Many thanks for your kind help with this problem.

Very best regards.

  Henry (Rome)


P.S. Could the second variety be White Lady 3W-Y ?

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