John McLennan, New Zealand


July 13, 2009

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Hi  Daffnetters,
Still  rather quiet on daffnet ;  –  an excuse  to show a little more of our beautiful country  —  with daffodil associations .
Some of the first double daffs that I ever saw were the  [ new ] Richardson doubles , Fiji , Tonga,  Hawaii , Tahiti and Papua that my first boss imported
in  1969 after visiting the U K  one year earlier.
I  was intrigued that all were Pacific  Islands  and wondered what the link to the names was.
When , twenty years later,  I had a few seedling doubles that I thought were worth registering ,  I descided to keep the Island name theme
going and use New Zealand islands , loosely continuing the Pacific  theme.
Arapawa Island is at the entrance to Tory Channel , the main entrance to  Picton , the port for most ferrys sailing between the North and the
South  Island.It takes the boats into the shelter of the sounds and a beautiful hours cruise into Picton.
I, sure  many of you will recall the journey with pleasure.
Arapawa  Icon  —  J F M sdlg  89 – 34  ,  —  Brazier  —  x  —  Tahiti

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