Bill Dijk, New Zealand

Emailing: N..calcicola, N.calcicola

August 17, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Miniatures, Non-Daffodil, Species

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Brian, while I have your attention, did you ever manage to ID the socalled N. calcicola?
Or is this miniature just another selection or hybrid of this popular species.
Perhaps someone else could ID it.

One response to “Emailing: N..calcicola, N.calcicola”

  1. David Adams says:
    Hi Bill,
    Its very difficult for us 12000 miles away from Spain to truly identify the species. For example I have seen Brian’s photo on Daffnet before and wasn’t convinced of its accuracy as the flower form was different to what I perceived N calcicola to be. That is part of the difficulty we have from downunder. However Nancy Wilson is correct in that Blanchard and others write that N calcicola has glaucous, flat leaves with two ribs down the back.
    Your first picture shows prostrate, round foliage and the second upright, dark green foliage similar to the one I was given. Others will be able to inform you as to their accuracy of name. Again neither is what I would perceive N calcicola to be but that is based on ideas and experience gained from local growers who may not have been well informed anyway.
    We receive many of our species through the seed exchange often donated by non specialist growers. There is no guarantee in this that the seed is true to name, nor guarantee that the seed is free from other pollen on the flower. We then grow the species assuming it is true to type and tell others that we have the true species and that theirs is incorrect. We may be wrong.