Malcolm Wheeler, New Zealand

More sneaky shots

September 14, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, General

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The child with the Ramsay’s is Ethan their Grandson and winner of the best childrens daffodil.

3 responses to “More sneaky shots”

  1. David Adams says:
    I hope Kirby and the NCDS folk note the sweat shirt I was wearing in Malcolm’s sneaky shot.
  2. Kirby Fong says:

    The elegant sweat shirt that David Adams is wearing bears the logo for the ADS 2010 convention in Murphys. Anyone else interested in various articles of clothing with the logo can follow the links from the Northern California Daffodil Society web site to the convention information and to the vendor who can embroider the logo on various clothing items. The NCDS URL is
    Kirby Fong  title=

  3. David Adams says:
    Kirby modestly didn’t mention that the sweat shirt was kindly presented to me by a member of the NCDS. Daffodil people are wonderful in their kindness to each other. Maybe except at AGMs.