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I am giving a presentation on daffodils for our local garden club next week, and I was wondering if there were any resources (PowerPoint presentations) available or recommended for novice daffodil growers. None of these folks will ever be exhibitors (at least I think not), so the presentation needs to be fairly generic. I have plenty of photos I can use to supplement (not as good as Tom’s or Kirby’s), but was mainly looking for a text outline for the backbone of the presentation.


Thanks in advance.


Mike Kuduk

Winchester, KY

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  1. Thanks, all, for everyone’s quick response. Of all the flower societies and listservs I belong to, you all are the smartest and best.


    I’ll probably end up purchasing some of the ADS programs for future/spring presentations, but I’ve procrastinated enough so they probably won’t help me out much now. Thanks to all for all of your ideas and suggestions so far.


    Mike Kuduk



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