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Feb 19, 2010 Weather

February 12, 2010

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Same shot of our front yard this morning. We have about 8″ of snow that accumulated over night. We lost electrical power from 8 PM till about 6:30 AM this morning. The heavy wet snow is still bringing down tree limbs and entire trees. We are supposed to be at or near freezing for the next week or so.
For our daffodil grooming event for the Texas Daffodil Society I was the only one of the 20 members that came to the meeting that had even a single bloom at their homes! One lady stopped at a school flower bed and picked some frozen n. Italicus. One of the members stopped at their grocery store and bought some yellow trumpets and we bought two pots of Tete-e-Tete.
I had one bloom of Campernelle, a few n. Jonquilla, 4 Sproite bulbocodiums and a few yellow trumpet seedlings from John Reed to go with some of the older trumpet species…Pretty incredible to see the bloom times on our daffodils pushed back so far.
Our city just notified everyone that we need to conserve water as the electricity is down at the treatment plants, pumping stations and we only have an 8 hour supply left in the water towers! Good excuse not to take a shower:-)) Keith Kridler 120 miles due east of Dallas Texas

3 responses to “Feb 19, 2010 Weather”

  1. Phyllis Hess says:

    Incredible!! Heard this am that Dallas had 11 and 1/2 inches of snow, could not believe that! And now snow in Alabama and the east coast. Someone up there is trying to tell us something! Phyllis Hess

  2. Vijay Chandhok says:

    Keith, On the other hand, in another part of the world they are getting daffodil flowers ( Nargis) ready for sale. Vijay

  3. Vijay Chandhok says:

    Keith, Here is a photo of me dreaming or hallucinating. Vijay