Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

Promise of spring

March 6, 2010

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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A white N.hedraeanthus, actually a cross between N. cantabricus monophyllus x N. hedraeanthus. All seedlings from this batch are pure white indicating that the white is dominant over the creamy yellow of the N. hedraenathus. If this is so then I very much doubt the published view about N. cantab. subsp. luteolentus  – these seedlings tend to support the view that luteolentus is a form of n. hedraeanthus. I’ve never seen a pure white hedraeanthus or luteolenthus in the wild.
The second seedling is an amalgam of the two parents that are unlikely to meet in the wild – more interesting than pretty I fear. But others are in bud.
Hepatica nobilis is a favourite little snow-melt gem and is just now coming into flower.

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