Daily Archives: March 8, 2010

damaging herbicide residue

http://www.motherearthnews.com/Grow-It/Milestone-Herbicide-Contamination-Creates-Dangerous-Toxic-Compost.aspx Here is another reason one might not want to use manure on daffodil beds: apparently persistent herbicides can retain damaging levels for several years in hay, manure, or even…

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Blogger encourages ADS membership!

Hi Everyone, The blogger known as “Daffodil Planter” is writing about our Show and Convention this week. We appreciate the “DP” giving people the information they need to come see…

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New Zealand’s Historics sections question

March 8, 2010

Hey Lesley & NZ’ers – Two questions~ a) apologies, but I don’t remember what your Historics section dates are currently – could you (or someone else) remind me? b) what…

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another cartoon

We received permission some years go to print this in The Daffodil Journal.  Weather this spring makes it appropriate again. Mary Lou

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