‘Golden Echo’?

May 14, 2010

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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All –

 Looked up Golden Echo on DaffSeek – lots of photos from all over, so folks are showing it, yet it’s not registered with the RHS -??



One response to “‘Golden Echo’?”

  1. Bill Lee says:


    I don’t think the RHS takes it upon themselves to register a new cultivar, or even a relatively long-standing one that hasn’t been registered. It is up to the hybridizer to do the registration. I suspect you will find that many of Brent and Becky’s new cultivars are not registered, although I did not check.

    One way to solve this is for the Heaths to acquire a registration angel to take care of this for them. I doubt very much that they would object to having their newly-named cultivars registered.
    Sharon McDonald of the RHS has also been very accommodating with me as I undertake working with John Reed to register his new introductions.
    Bill Lee