Monthly Archives: September 2010

Magic liquid

Hi All,       I’ve been enjoying the photos of the southern hemisphere flowers.  Now for a question.  In the flowering season I try to make every flower count.  When…

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daffodils & weather

Hi everyone We had a thunderstorm last evening which produced hail stones the size of golf balls. A couple of views attached of some of what were pretty good daffodils…

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South Island Premiers

Hi Everyone   The last for tonight.   Vase of miniatures  Angel’s Whisper  exhibited by  Alistair and Joan Davey Seedling  JWB327(2W-P)  John Buxton NOE  Corker  (3W-P)  Bill Cowie Children’s  Red…

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South Island National Premiers

Hi Everyone   9 Poeticus  Rondo Seedling  Greg Inwood 11 Split Corona  Gold Lake  Judy and Gordon Phimister Historic  Silver Chimes (pre 1916)  Rex and Barbara Bright Intermediate  OC113  Denise…

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South Island National Show premiers

Hi Everybody   I will continue with division four and the higher divisions   4Y Perianth  Ballistic  exhibited by  Sandra Muckle 4W Perianth  Cameo Magic  Ramsay Daffodils 7 Jonquilla  WH…

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re Division 3W-W Premier S.I. Show

September 29, 2010

To all who replied to my e-mail,   We had Ron Tyrell  first in line closely followed by Noelene McLaren and Kevin Kerr who all named the flower as “Sea Dream”. …

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