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October 15, 2010

Categories: Breeding, Growing Daffodils, Hybridizing, Show Results, Youth

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Dear Bill


You are on the right track. As this is how I was introduced to showing daffodils. We had an inter schools competition. With the main focus on the 12×1 class for the big silver tray. This being my second longest hobby as I have been growing daffodils for myself for over 18 years now but have been showing from the age of about 10 so this makes it 25 years, not continuous though.

So if you can plant the seed and nurture it you may get a whole new generation. Some may not continue on with it but may come back later in life. As like my self this is the first year since I started growing that I didn’t show a single flower due to self employed commitments and a young family.

But there is still next year and it doest stop me from breeding.


So keep up the good work Bill and Linda  





Andrew and Leigh Jenkins


A J Landscaping

4 Paekitawhiti Street

Turangi 3334


07 386 5323

027 6267532


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