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Green Daffodils – ‘Verdant Sparks’

December 11, 2010

Categories: Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Miniatures

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‘Verdant Sparks’ is an outstanding new Miniature daffodil hybridized by Dr. Harold Koopowitz. It is a cross of: Narc. viridiflorus x N. jonquilla.
Harold posted earlier that “Vinisky likes this”. That statement is simply not true. Vinisky LOVES THIS!!!
The flowers of Verdant Sparks’ have the most intense and unusual color value that I have ever seen in daffodils. A scrumptious, bright lemonish greeny yellow. I have seen nothing like this color in the genus. Quite different and an exciting addition to the fall/winter blooming Miniatures.
Diameter per flower is about 28mm. Two to four flowers average per stem. In terms of form (and color!) it is just about midway between both parents. A seemingly ideal blending of both parents. Fragrance is mild and, to me, favors the viridiflorus scent with an added light, citrus component. Strongly vertical foliage is also midway between both parents. Has more leaves than viridiflorus but fewer than jonquilla. Seems unusually vigorous from an overall plant standpoint. Now blooming lustily on December 11th.
Much, much to be impressed with in this choice, exciting Miniature! Congrats Harold!!!!
Steve Vinisky Sherwood, Oregon (where it is pouring rain with low-lying areas flooding and will have a high temp today of 45 degrees F, as well as a low tonight of 45 degrees F)

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