Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand

Green Daffodils

December 6, 2010

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Hello All,

 Some interesting progress is being made south of the Equator in the area of green cupped daffodils.  The work of Lawrence Trevanion and John Hunter is well known but I have not seen Spud Brogden’s efforts reported (I don’t think Spud is on Daffnet).  There is no doubt that his 3W-WGG bred from Janelle x Limey Circle is up there with the best of the Spring flowering green cups.  It is very late flowering but John McLennan took a series of photos of it which are now on Daffseek.  It is named Daffodale in honour of Eve Robertson who bred Limey Circle.  Daffodale was her home.

 Many, many years ago my father bred one from Green Island crossed with Coral Island.  It had a light green cup with a yellow rim.  Alas, it was lost in Dad’s Methyl Bromide disaster  along with the rest of his daffodil bulbs.

 My own efforts have had pathetic results.  I could not keep  N. viridiflorus and nor did the few seeds I obtained from it germinate.  I have plenty of seedlings with green eyes and have tried crossing them with no great results.  Like many others I will keep trying with a few seedlings with Limey Circle in their background..



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