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December 7, 2010

Categories: Autumn Blooming Daffodils, Fertility, Hybridizing, Planting, Seeds

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Hi  Daffnetters,
I’m  very much  enjoying the  current discussion on Emerald Sea, Viridiflorus and the green  daffs.
I flowered Emerald Sea and several other John Hunter Viridiflorus seedlings for the first time,around mid July, this spring.I assume that they will flower earlier when given a full growing season, they flowered about 8 weeks after a late planting.
Today was our first wet, misty rainy morning for over a month and I had realised from the Daffnet discussions, that as these are autumn – winter flowering, it follows that their  seed would also appreciate an earlier growing cycle than the standard daffs. I cleaned and sorted the seeds this morning –  – hopefully will sow it  tomorrow.
The photo shows the Emerald Sea self pollinated seed (approx  200) — quite small and light, —  when shown next to some plump, fat tazetta seed from a fertile Wilf Hall tazetta seedlingGMX  100.
The pods where quite full — 20  —  30 per pod of these small seeds,  – the fatter tazetta seeds had only 4 –5 per pod which is good for a tazetta.
I had intentionally self pollinated most of the Em  Sea  flowers; pollinated 2 flowers with an early double and have 25 small seeds.Only made one cross with Em Sea pollen —  3 seeds –  fatter and rounder, from an early pink.
Thanks for the photos Harold and Greg, an interesting new field  is opening  here .

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