Harold Koopowitz, California

More Greens

December 8, 2010

Categories: Breeding, Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Miniatures, Standards

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Hi All:
A few more green flowers to think about. The first will probably be registered this year as ‘Lima’s Keylime Pie’ and is one that was rescued from the late Manuel Lima and stock has now multiplied. It flowers after ‘Lima’s Shooting Stars’ which means it is currently in bloom. The flower 03-094/1 was selected last year as one of the largest and flattest of the cross, it measures just shy of 80 mm in natural spread and can carry 4 flowers to the truss. I plan to use it onto standards to try and bring the green color into spring flowers but hope I don’t get the multiple flowering habit. The last is one, O2-157/1 I really like. It also carries 4-5 flowers to the stem but is small enough to use for miniature breeding. This was from seed that Manuel mailed to me shortly before his death. It has supposedly has N. viridiflorus x ‘Surfside’ as one grandparent, but the other parents are conjecture. Freshly opened it is a rich green but if I remember correctly the whole flower eventually goes white. Will let you know.

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