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Buyer Beware

September 14, 2020

Readers may find this image amusing. It was along with an offer of 100 daffodil seeds from China. I wonder how many they sell?  100 PCS Seeds Flowers, offered on…

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Looking for ‘Chamber Music’

Does any one out there have any bulbs of Frank Galyon’s ‘Chamber Music’? I am looking for it for my miniature breeding program. I would be happy to buy or…

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Supporting the ADS

The ADS always needs money because our income from membership does not cover all of our expenses. Here are two ways you can help support your society. These days we…

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Chamber Music

Does anyone know of a source for bulbs of Chamber Music? Thanks Harold

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Pink and Orange Perianths.

Getting color into the perianths of the miniature daffodils is as difficult as getting color into the perianths of standard flowers, but it is not impossible.  It turns out that…

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Comments on Livermore Show 2019

As Bob Spots pointed out our daffodil Season was close to its peak for the early Livermore show. Often in January we have a hot spell but that was not…

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