Marilynn Howe, California

Narcissus flavus

October 9, 2011

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species

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Hi Daffnet,

For those of you who are interested, according to Kew Monocots N.
fernandesii and N. henriquesii are now synonyms of N. flavus described
by Mariano Lagasca y Segura in Genera Species Plantarum, Page 13 (1816).
Additonal synonyms may found at Kew Monocots.

Marilynn Howe

4 responses to “Narcissus flavus”

  1. David Adams says:

    Hi Marilynn,
    Does this mean that there is no longer a distinction between fernandesii and henriquesii? They are now considered the same species I guess. Do we now skip the two original names and just lump them as N flavus?
    Secondly do we take the name change you have given as gospel? I see you quote Kew Monocots as the source. Does this mean that the name has been officially approved somewhere?
    If so I would find it extremely helpful as I have never had the skills to tell any of the jonquil species apart.

  2. Melissa Reading says:

    This begs the question of who the authority is for a given show. In
    Jackson, MS, last year, a major exhibit was disqualified (“not
    judged”) because one authority had approved a botanical name, while
    another had not.

    At 09:56 PM 10/9/2011, David Adams wrote:

  3. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    The ADS follows the RHS when it comes to approving botanical names. Thw Board approved resolution to that effect some years ago. The RHS and Kew don’t always agree, so until the RHS says that fernandesii and henriquesii are synonyms of N. flavus, I wouldn’t use N. flavus in an ADS show.

    Mary Lou

  4. Melissa Reading says:

    At last I learn that Queltia is/has been a genus of/related to Narcissus.
    Those who recall email addresses, will recognize
    Queltia as Marilynn Howe’s email address.
    Would love clarification on this, in relatively simple terms.

    At 11:20 AM 10/10/2011, James Akers wrote: