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January 21, 2012

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Judy Winder is from Magalia in the northern end of the Sierra Nevada Gold Country, east of Chico, at an elevation of 2500 feet. http://magaliagardeners.webs.com/aboutus.htm. They are Zone 7B, according to their webpage. They plant many many King Alfred daffodils along the approaches to town, but find they dwindle out and require replacement. Judy has asked what varieties might survive and multiply for them. I suggested Carlton and Saint Keverne, but was
hoping for more knowledgeable daffnet members to chime in, and to copy both daffnet and Judy on your replies. I’d be most interested in the answers, as would she.
Thank you,

>From:  title=
> My name is Judy Winder and I am president of the Magalia
> Beautification Association. I just read a very interesting article
> in the February Southern Living Magazine regarding King Alfreds.
> The article is about an enormous daffodil garden in Georgia
> containing 5 million daffodils. The photos are amazing. At the end
> of the article are his tips on planting. Many we already know
> about. But, tip number 3 says “Don’t plant the popular King Alfred
> unless you want just one blowout bloom, because it won’t come back
> next year.” We here at Magalia Beautification have planted King
> Alfreds for many years along our main highway in town and for many
> years have scratched our heads wondering why they only last a few
> years. Could this also be true in California? Our elevation is 2,500 feet.
>>If we don’t plant King Alfreds what other type would you suggest
>>for large area plantings. We have always planted the King Alfred as
>>they are huge and really put on a good show.
>>Judy Winder
>>In a message dated 1/20/2012 5:43:32 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,
>> title= writes:
> Judy:
>>I would like to post your question to Daffnet, a worldwide
>>discussion group on daffodils. I expect Sara van Beck may answer
>>your question via email directly to you. She would be the real
>>expert on Southern Daffodils.
>>May I have your permission to post the request to Daffnet with your
>>email included for replies? I believe that daffnet security is
>>excellent, and I have never received any spam that I suspected
>>might have arisen from my email being easily accessible there.
>>Two types I would suggest are:
>>1. Carlton, the most widely planted daffodil ever, anywhere.
>>2. Saint Keverne, a historic that is extremely long lived, thrives
>>in the south, and is very disease resistant.
>>But I myself would be quite interested to see the answers that the
>>others offer.
>>Kind regards,
>By all means. We have spent lots of money over the years on King
>Alfreds and need to find some answer to our problem. We are a
>member of the Buttes District of the California Garden Clubs.
>I should add that most of our daffodils are planted in areas that
>rely on rain water and receive no water during the summer which can
>get up to 95 degrees on some days.


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