Henry Shejbal, Italy

N. papyraceus

January 9, 2012

Categories: Daffodil Types, Growing Daffodils, Historics, Standards

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Today my son Christian sent me the attached photo from his short visit to
Morocco. His comment was: “How nice to find Narcissus papyraceus in the
wild, next to the ruins of the ancient Roman town Volubilis. It is growing
here nearby some Asphodelus, Urginea and Arisarum.”


Henry (Rome)

One response to “N. papyraceus”

  1. Ben Blake, California Ben Blake says:


    Thank you for sending Christian’s photo. These species daffodils may
    have grown from seed, but the photo seems to show the blooms near a
    Roman wall. I can imagine that some citizen of Volubilis must have
    planted bulbs sometime between the third centry BC and hundreds of years
    later. My lack of knowledge about species is no doubt showing, but I
    find the combination of species and history very interesting. This is a
    link to Volubilis: http://looklex.com/morocco/volubilis.htm.