February 12, 2012

Categories: Breeding, Hybridizing

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Hey All onn Daffnet:

Like Clay, I, also, had a heavy dusting of snow here in Tidewater Virginia late yesterday afternoon. Temperature Sunday am is in upper 30s. Weather predicts to be in the 50s by Tuesday.

Mr. Groundhog was right in his prediction of 6 more weeks of winter when he saw his shadow February 2nd.

What an odd season, daffodil foliage is upper higher than ever.

Ceci Brown


It is snowing lightly here in Gaithersburg, MD and it looks like someone has taken a spray can of silver paint and sprayed all the trees. There is only enough snow to cover the grass. My driveway is keeping itself bare.

Tom said that it was going to be 11% “F” at his location tonight according to the forecast.

We are being forecast for 17% tonight here by weather forecasters in the Washington DC areas. However, after being here about 30 miles on the Northwest side of DC for 12 years, and on top of a hill, we are usually 10% colder in the winter, get more snow, and in the summer just a little cooler than DC. So I’m expecting single digit temperature numbers tonight. My ‘RES’ at the mail box has buds higher than the foliage and my long line of ‘February Gold’ down my driveway is about 10 inches high with buds just out of the ground. Experience tells me that daffodils are good here to about 18% “F” so I’m expecting them to take a little, “too” severe, cold freeze tonight.

Somehow I’m going to have to get a bulb of Dubius for my breeding program.

Clay E. Higgins

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