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Daffodils in Florida

June 30, 2012

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Hi, Linda, where are moving to in Florida?  There are daffodils that will grow in north Florida.  The book Daffodils in Florida by Linda and Sara Van Beck is the best resource for that information.  It’s available from the ADS web store here:

There is also the process of cold treatment in pots in a fridge.  Most people discard the bulbs after the first year of forcing, however, it might be worth it to get a season of blooms in Florida!  A third possibility is to buy pre-cooled bulbs each year from someone like Brent & Becky’s Bulbs.  I hope one of these methods might work for you!  Years ago my husband and I turned down a relocation to West Palm Beach, Florida.  I was growing daffodils back them, but hadn’t realized how much I would get into them later on.  I’m glad I stayed in Tennessee.  I hope you can enjoy Florida and still grow some daffodils!  There is a Florida Daffodil Society.  The website is not coming up for me right now, but there is a phone contact as well.

Florida Daffodil Society
Events: daffodil show 1st weekend in March, Fall regional bulb sale,  & Qrtly newsletter
: Ind $5, Family $6.00
Contact: Mary Maud Sharpe


Another idea is to travel to ADS shows or the annual ADS National Show and Convention each spring where you could enjoy seeing lots of daffodil blooms!  Here is the location on the ADS website where those events will be posted for next spring.

Good luck!
Becky Fox Matthews,
that daffy girl near Nashville, TN

  Becky Fox Matthews, President

  American Daffodil Society, Inc.



 I’m moving to Florida – against my will you might say – and am going to miss my daffodils very much. Is there a way to take some daffodils to Florida and give them some kind of “cold treatment” each year in order to continue to enjoy them?



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