Monthly Archives: July 2012

Can’t win

Hi David and all, Members of the NDSNZ will know about the battle I have had with pukeko (pooks). They do exactly what David describes. While they are primarily swamp…

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dues reminder for ADS members

July 31, 2012

ADS dues need to be paid, please! Check the latest copy of your ADS Daffodil Journal back cover, and it will indicate when your dues are paid through. ADS is…

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Daff People.

Hi Daffnetters, We usually start the season on daffnet with photos of the amazing, very early Max Hamilton Tazetta 8 W – Y, Toru. Photos are usually on daffnet ,…

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One of each.

Hi Daffnetters, Bought some of each inside to get better photos. The sun is still rather low for good outside photos. he size of the big Hunter Canisp seedling over…

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John Hunter 2W – W

Hi Daffnetters, John Hunter posted a pic, and the pedigree of this Hunter seedling, early last week.I was very pleased to receive a couple of bulbs of 3 different selections…

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Bright Div 6

A small clump, obviously growing from bulbs left after an earlier lift, of a small bright div 6.This also caught the eye. It is in John Hollevers block; we had…

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