Monthly Archives: June 2012

Narcissi Flies

June 30, 2012

Hi All Yesterday morning I was digging up my daffodils, when I heard this high pitched buzzing and very shortly afterwards two flies appeared on the daffodil foliage. My first instinct…

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Daffodils in Florida

Hi, Linda, where are moving to in Florida?  There are daffodils that will grow in north Florida.  The book Daffodils in Florida by Linda and Sara Van Beck is the…

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early redcup.

Hi daffnetters, One of the first redcups for the season.I,ve been picking it for about ten days — about half way through. It is a 1997 seedling — garden name…

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Early Orbit early Double.

  Hi Daffnetters, Sorry for the way this email came together.I,m not  brilliant at combining pictures from emails and different files. Bragging rights to Graham Phillips, in the Waikato, for …

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Early Pink.

This is one of my favourite early season pinks. Registered as G Pink — from the master of early pinks Graham Phillips. Opens with just a pink rim, quickly matures…

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Mid winter splits? What next?

Hi Daffnetters, Forwarding this one that I received from Graham on June  15 — two weeks ago. No split coronas involved in the cross; just  two very early yellow trumpets.…

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