Harold Koopowitz, California

Pink perianths

March 18, 2013

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling

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We had several miniature flowers with pink perianths at Murphys this year. Perhaps the best was a flower bred by Bob Spotts from Pink China with Ho Ho Kam. The latter is a small jonquilla hybrid of his own breeding. This was a very smooth flower and has a somewhat deeper pink flush than my own entries. Some of you may remember this flower which won the mini Rose Ribbon in Jackson at the National. I thought it had a good chance to get the mini Gold but was beaten by an unusual bulbocodium hybrid of Jon Kawaguchi’s with a 6-lobed corona.

I was also able to show 3 pink perianth flowers in my Premier collection at Murphys so I suppose they can now be considered to be passe? 🙂

The trick to getting these pink flushed minis is to breed intermediate pinks with the smaller jonquilla species such as N. willkommii, N. assoanus, N. gaditanus , etc.

Here are photos of two from the Murphys Premier bred from Urchin x N. willkommii. All of the seedlings that have flowered from this cross have  had pink perianths. Some were used earlier at the Livermore show.









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