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Split Cup Y-Y’s – What a Contrast!

March 25, 2013

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The bottom photo is really worth a glance…..

David and Leone Smith drove down to Amity, Oregon from Chillicum, WA arriving at the show with many superbly grown flowers. EVERY flower they brought impressed. The David Jackson flower that David grew, blew our socks off. The photo below is of ‘G’Day’ and 11aY-Y that measured 122mm in diameter or just under five inches in diameter ( 4  51/64 of an inch to be precise). The stem was like the branch of a tree. Note the ruler to the right.

David Jackson’s ‘GDay’ 11aY-Y
Exhibited by: David Smith

Below is an Intermediate seedling of mine which is a cross involving David Jackson’s ‘Goldsplit’. V01-10-1 measures 54mm in diameter. It is only 4mm larger than the upper limit for Miniatures. Note the ruler to the left.

V01-10-1, 11aY-Y at 55mm in diameter
Exhibited by: Steve Vinisky

The photo below gives a feel for the stunning difference and contrast in size between these two flowers when observed side by side!

A comparison between a HUGE Standard and a small Intermediate Split Corona with identical color codes




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  2. Kathleen Simpson, West Virginia says:

    G’Day just went on my must-buy list.  Wow indeed.