North Island Premiers

September 23, 2013

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Hi All

I have had some trouble with my new laptop and somehow deleted the file of the North Island photos, so I had to download and trim all the images again. I was also having trouble with the cursor on the laptop so I bought a remote mouse and it works. So progress will be much faster now.

So to the division two premiers

2Y-Y                  Sandmere Gold exhibited by Wayne Hughes

2y-O/R             M 0250-(12a) exhibited by Wayne Hughes

2Y-P                 GM 11-90 exhibited by G & F Miller also best seedling

2Y-Reverse    Twilight Beauty exhibited by Trevor Rollinson

2W-Y               Champeen exhibited by John Hollever

2w-O/R           Matariki Gem exhibited by Brogden Bulbs

2W-P                Winchester Pride exhibited by Trevor Rollinson also reserve champion bloom and champion amateur bloom

2W-W               Bella Snow exhibited by Denise and Neil McQuarrie also Champion bloom


Seedling GM11-902Y-Y Sandmere Gold 2Y-OR M 0250-(12a) 2W-Y Twilight Beauty 2W-Y Champeen 2W-OR Matariki Gem    Reserve Champ Champ 2

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