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October 28, 2014

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03-071 was a cross of Emerald Sea x N. viridiflorus. Pictured here is one I have selected that has the tentative name of “Green Grace” but it does not seem to want to offset. If it ever gets registered it will be an  11b G-G.  This carries 6 florets to the stem and the individual florets are larger than those of the species. I think I will try and use it for breeding this year. The perianth and corona color in second photo is close to true.


 03-071-1 Emerald Sea x N. viridiflorus

03-071-1 Emerald Sea x N. viridiflorus “Green Grace”


The corona of "Green Grace"

The corona of “Green Grace”

Here is a patch of N. miniatus with dew in the morning.

N. miniatus

N. miniatus

Lastly N. obsoletus. In the past we called this N. elegans but we now think that N. obsoletus takes precedence.  The name N. obsoletus has been misapplied by some botanists to N. miniatus. But the former always has leaves when flowering while N. miniatus never does. If you compare the shapes of the corona between the two species you will see that it is very different between the two taxa.

N. obsoletus

N. obsoletus

There should be more to see in the coming weeks.



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