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Winchester KY Daffodil Show

April 5, 2015

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Thanks to the organizers of the new Winchester Kentucky daffodil show, Michael and Lisa Kuduk, and to the show chairman Jim Wilson! This high school cafeteria is a perfect venue for a show. I took photos of some of the people, the show room and a few “special” flowers (for Daffseek) before the show.  Tom Stettner came to photograph the show winners.  WOW to the number of people who entered flowers, especially representing ADS: Phyllis Hess, Suzy Wert, Helen Trueblood, Sue Luken, Naomi Liggett, Margaret Baird, Fredrica Lawlor, Sara Kinne, Carolyn Cushall, and of course Michael and Lisa and me.  I wish I had taken more photos later on in the staging time when the others had arrived and am sure I’ve missed naming a few.

The flowers are ‘Stella Superba’, ‘Skywatch’ (Brian Duncan cultivar named by Janis Ruksans whom I purchased it from) and ‘Crystal Pink’. (Note: the photos posted in reverse order so the names of the flowers listed above are backwards.)

Happy Easter, everyone!

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One response to “Winchester KY Daffodil Show”

  1. Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia Darrin Ellis-May, Georgia says:

    How great to see so many familiar faces, and some new ones, too!  A warm up for “Camp Daffodil”… Looking forward to seeing y’all in Williamsburg.


    Darrin ‘Bloomed Out in GA’ Ellis-May