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Wilf Hall Seedlings .

August 10, 2015

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Wilf had a quiet  birthday  last  week  but  told  me  he  could  not  have  had  a  better  present  .It  is  about  a  month  away  from the  start  of  our  North  Island  show  season  and  I  have  commented  in  posts  over  the  last  few  seasons  that  our  poet  breeders  have  been  getting  a  very  few  early  poets  out  for  the  N I  National  ,  usually  second  week  September  .  Wilfred  has  been  leading  the  charge  here  and  has  now  exceeded  even  his  highest  expectations  .A  POET  in  early  August  is  a  birthday  present  that  most  breeders  would  be  very  delighted  to  receive . HAPPY  BIRTHDAY ,   you  clever  fellow .!  Two  more  advanced  buds  from  the  same cross .

Wilfred  Hall  , very  early  POET

Wilfred Hall , very early POET

Wilf  has  misplaced  (  lost ? )  the  planting  book  for  the  bed  that  this  seedling  is  flowering  in . He  planted  out  4  small  seedlings  ,  probably  3  years  ago  ;  one  flowered  last  season  ,  early  but  not  exceptionally  so  . The  growth  was  slow  this  frosty season  and  when  I  called ,  about  2  weeks  ago  ,  tazettas  were  plentiful  and  Wilf  commented  on  a  few  poets  that  were  through  very early  .Then  the  excited  phone  call  and  story  of  the  birthday  present  .  I  demanded  a  photo  and  soon  the  email  arrived  ,  with  apologies  for  the  dirt  .  No apology  needed  ,  a truly  amazing  breeding  feat .  The  pollen  will  be  well  used  from  this  40 mm  flower  ;  miniature  proportions .



Avalex - x - Poet

Avalex – x – Poet

AVALEX  has been  one  of  Wilfs  best  show  tazettas  and  he quickly  found  it  was  fertile  .I  was  very  impressed  with  this  2  header ,  good  size  ,  smooth  flowers  from  Avalex – x – Poet  .





WTH    8 Y - Y G - 100 - 2

WTH 8 Y – Y
G – 100 – 2








I  have  shown  this  tall ,  strong  tazetta  ,  G – 100 – 2  before  .  It  is  close  to  registration  and  always  impresses .Two  tone  soft  yellows  ,  full  heads  , thick  , tall  stems  .Again  bred  from  a  Grand  Mon Seedling .



Dscf0012 Dscf0014






Tequila  Sunset  is  another  registration .I  picked a  few  from  John  H .  patch  .  Big  flowers  for  a  multi head  ,  very  strong  orange  in  the  young  flowers that  fade  a  little  with  time  .Usually  3 – 6  flowers  on  tall ,  solid  stems  .Look  at  that  great  petal  ,  11  o,clock , great  form .

3 Responses to Wilf Hall Seedlings .

  1. Margaret Seconi, New Zealand
    Margaret Seconi, New Zealand
    August 13, 2015 at 8:00 am

    This is Wilf Hall the new Daffodil Activist that you are highlighting here, John. During the Radio Live interview last Saturday when Wilf was helping to promote our National Shows, the interviewer misread his prompt notes and changed ‘Archivist’ to ‘Activist’. A much more exciting description.

  2. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi
    Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi
    August 14, 2015 at 8:34 am

    Margaret, would you email me directly at  title=, please.
    Loyce McKenzie

  3. Nancy Tackett, California
    Nancy Tackett, California
    August 16, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    John, thank you for these photos.

    I like the Avalex seedling.  It is brightly colored.