Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Hybridized Bulbs Question

September 3, 2015

Categories: Hybridizer, Hybridizing

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What do you do with own hybridized bulbs that you need to delete from your hybridizing program?  Bulbs that are just not show worthy and may not even be garden worthy.  I really don’t believe that everyone’s hybridized bulbs come out show worthy.  At least mine don’t.  Even in the same sister seedling, some are good and some are really-really good but when they are bad they are horrid.


5 responses to “Hybridized Bulbs Question”

  1. Bob Spotts, California Bob Spotts, California says:

    I give my discards to neighborhood gardeners. Most cannot discern between horrid and near-keeper blooms. And in my climate, they likely will lose them to dwindles or rot in a year or two (unless the bulbs are tazetta seedlings). They are quite happy to have something colorful in the spring.

  2. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our show beauties are often discarded by the general gardener in favour of a ‘big ugly.’ Give away, as Bob said, or sell as mixtures. I’m sure a church fair or garden club sales table would really value your discards. There seems to be a deep philosophical message in here somewhere.


  3. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    There is a saying I believe among professional plant breeders that the most successful people have the largest compost heaps. 🙂


  4. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi says:

    Clay, share these with new growers or just plain gardeners. Some of them may prove to be beautiful in the garden. Every bulb needs a chance to grow and bloom.
    Loyce McKenzie

  5. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins, North Carolina says:

    Thanks everyone.  I was getting close to thinking I’m the only one that has rejects from their hybridizing program.  I’ll have to make sure that I tell the “Growers and Showers” to avoid my give away’s.  Two year ago, a major shower was upset when he took one of my rejects and got a reject the following spring.

    I have to reduce my holdings again this year from my hybridizing program which is getting bigger than my show daffodil beds.