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2016 Livermore Show – Premier Miniature Collection of 24

March 8, 2016

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Harold Koopowitz and Marilynn Howe entered their collection of 24 stems of miniature seedlings and two Koopowitz registered cultivars.

Premier Miniature Collection of 24

Unfortunately I had to photograph these late on the second show day during the last hour before show breakdown.  It was raining and cloudy outside and that was my light source so some of the photos are dark.

Nial Watson from Northern Ireland was visiting several of us this week and judged several miniature collections in the Livermore show.  He took the time to move each flower in this collection to and from my camera location so I could photograph them in the short time available.  Nial and his wife Hilary operate “Ringhaddy Daffodils”, a well known bulb supplier.

Since this was the end of the second show day, several of the flowers in the collection were deteriorating, loosing substance, and at least one was collapsing.  Harold and Marilynn entered wonderful miniatures in all of their collections but this one was located near the outside door that many people passed through and the wind blew every time the door opened.

I noticed that there are four double-floret Class-4 doubles in the back row and also five stems were considered for individual awards.

My favorite cultivars are reverse bi-colors and I believe there are at least three in this collection.

The 2 O-R seedling at position row 3B, which looked like it had copper shading on the perianth, won the Rose Ribbon for the best in show miniature seedling and the Gold Ribbon for best miniature in the show.  Kirby Fong will be posting the official show results.

The flowers were photographed in order of back row to front row and left to right so the front left seedling will be “A1” and the back row right seedling will be “4F”.

The photo gallery below is the 4th and back row.

This is the third row:

This is the 2nd row:

This is the first row, the front row:

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  1. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    Thank you Ben and Nial for your hard work.