Lewis Turner, Maryland

Seedlings of Lewis Turner

April 14, 2016

Categories: Breeding, Hybridizing

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My hybridizing of daffodils was concentrated in the 1990’s.  It took about 9 years + to obtain blooms, and I have been slow to evaluate them.  This year, after a poor growing season last year, my seedling bloom was scant, but I would like to share three nice ones this year, and am also including breeding data.


L93 53 april 14 2016


Breeding Data:

Turn Coat x Music

Division 2

First bloom 2001


P29 Cr 15 Reflexed 2W-YO

This seedling has been consistent, but slow to multiply.



L95 70 april 2016

Breeding Data:

Romany Red x Rory’s Glen 

Division 3

First bloom 2003

L95-70  Cr 12 P35



L95 22 april 2016

Breeding Data

Rio Rouge x Coppertone

P40 x Cr15  Y-O 

Bloomed on 3-23-2012


Note:  All three of these seedlings bloomed in April this year.


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