Monthly Archives: May 2016

Pannill Award ‘Homestead’ 2

May 28, 2016

Joe Hamm, Pennsylvania I maintain an ADS Pannill Award and a ADS Wister Award in my ADS Approved Display Garden.  I have tried for several years now trying to acquire Pannill’s…

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More early Kiwi flowers

The  early  market  flowers  have  been  moving  slowly  since  just  before  Mothers  Day , early  May .It  is  traditionally  the  peak  of  the Chrysanths  and  the  shops  were  full  of …

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Very early John Hunter Double .

It  is still  very  early  season  in  New  Zealand  as  we  move  from  autumn  into  winter  .Our  local  area  has had  a  very  late  start  to  the  autumn  bloomers  as …

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Specialty Bulb Growers – 2016 Bulb Catalogs

The ‘Oakwood Daffodils’ and ‘Jon’s Minicodiums and More’ 2016 bulb catalogs have been added to the Specialty Bulb Growers page on the ADS website. Don’t forget to Order your Bulbs…

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South Mountain Flower Farm Catalog – 2016

The 2016 South Mountain Flower Farm catalog has been added to the Specialty Bulb Growers page on the ADS website. Message from South Mountain Flower Farm follows; Mitch and Kate…

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Flowers are gone . . .now the flies have arrived

The daffodils have finished blooming, but while I was out weeding a day ago, I heard the familiar buzz of the daffodil fly.  They’re too fast for me to catch,…

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