Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

Pictures of N. elegans

November 22, 2016

Category: Species

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Pictures of N. elegans (still the correct name by general concensus –
despite Harold’s claims to the contrary.) in the wild last week. Sorry about
quality – flowers were blowing in the wind in late evening light and my
photographic skills were not quite up to getting quality as I would have
liked. Later I’ll post pictures of N. serotinus and N. obsoletus.
Timing of our visit was perfect with millions of flowers in bloom – some
fields of N. serotinus like snow.
N. elegans 15 flr. stem.
N. elegans 15 flr. stem.

N. elegans
N. elegans

One response to “Pictures of N. elegans”

  1. Bradley McCarson, South Carolina Bradley McCarson, South Carolina says:

    Beautiful photos of a unique species.