Jaydee Ager, Georgia

‘Yuletide’ 10 W-W

December 29, 2016

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First bloom popped open this morning, 29 DEC. Thanks Mary Lou Gripshover! ‘Yuletide’s’ new home here in USDA Zone 8b has made it very happy!

Img 0947
Img 0947

Jaydee Atkins Ager
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2 responses to “‘Yuletide’ 10 W-W”

  1. Naomi Liggett says:

    Glad it is doing well in GA. Bloomed at Christmas first year in garage window, went to heaven next year.

    Naomi in cold central Ohio

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  2. Janet Loyd, Georgia Janet Loyd, Georgia says:

    Jaydee glad to see Yuletide 10WW it’s beautiful! I was just looking at it in a catalog wishing I had ordered it guess there’s always next year. I have Three bulbocodiums blooming in my garden now all came from Betty’s Hartogz’s place & there’s two more in bud. I realize these are fall bloomers & I’m in love all over again with daffodils but it’s too bad we can’t show these in the shows. Thanks for chiming in & letting everyone know my December post was from Georgia USA sometimes I forget this site is worldwide & our little piece of heaven isn’t the only Georgia out there. Looking forward to seeing you at the spring shows