Theo Sanders, Germany

Narcissus cantabricus crosses

February 2, 2017

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These two miniature daffodils are flowering in the greenhouse. The seedlings of both crosses often generate unreduced pollen. I shall try the first one out of doors this year but am not very optimistic that it will do well.


5 responses to “Narcissus cantabricus crosses”

  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

    Hello Theo,

    Lovely little seedlings – how tall are the stems?


  2. Theo Sanders, Germany Theo Sanders, Germany says:


    The stems for the first seedling are from 18 to 24 cm (flower diameter about 4,2 cm). The stem for the second one is 15 cm long (flower diameter 3,5 cm).


  3. Lawrence Trevanion, Australia Lawrence Trevanion, Australia says:

    Hi Theo,

    I really like the triandrus x cantabricus. (Are you sure all those grains are unreduced?) I hope you keep the pollen and put it back onto triandrus and bulbocodiums and even plants such as Mission Bells. The Emerald Sea cross, however, I’ll be amazed if you get anything from it.

  4. Theo Sanders, Germany Theo Sanders, Germany says:


    I believe the pollen grains are unreduced for triandrus x cantabricus, for cantabricus x Emererald Sea I am sure. It could be verified by measuring the nuclear DNA content of the pollen grains, but this seems to be extremely complicated.

    The pollen of triandrus x cantabricus was at once used on cantabricus and on Limequilla x Emerald Sea which are flowering.


  5. Larry Force, Mississippi Larry Force, Mississippi says:

    Theo, Very nice seedlings, congratulations on the crosses , Thanks for posting!