Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee

Non-heliotropic daffodils

March 17, 2017

Categories: Bulb Information, Growing Daffodils

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I’m reposting a query from a middle TN daffodil grower. Does anyone have any insight into this topic? “Does anyone know where I can get plain, old-fashioned daffodil bulbs that are not heliotropic. All of the new ones that I have bought face the sun.”

One of our speakers at the fall ADS meeting in Indianapolis spoke on heliotropic daffodils, but are there exceptions in the older ones?

2 responses to “Non-heliotropic daffodils”

  1. Suzy Wert says:

    Hi, Becky,
    Yes, they all face the sun, or at least the source of the most light. For instance, Daffodil flowers (new or old) planted against a north wall of a house will face north or northwest-ish. The original TN query may have come from somebody who had huge clumps, and those flowers face out, away from the middle, but the reason is still the light they’re getting. The assumption being they are somewhat shaded by other flowers and leaves in the same clump whether they are older varieties or newer ones.

  2. Oleg Amekhin says:

    Becky, heliotropism is a genetically determined reaction of a plant.
    I have their grades absence heliotropism is not observed.