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2017 Southwest Ohio Daffodil Society (SWODS) Show

April 19, 2017

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The SWODS Show was held in Cincinnati’s Eden Park. The Venue was Krohn Conservatory. We were setup in a large tent. During these days, the Krohn has a butterfly show going on which made it a natural combination for a family visit.

The Gold Ribbon Winner was a VERY nice Katrina Rae, exhibited by a very excited Rebecca Koesters. This is Rebeccas 1st ever Gold Ribbon which surprised me since she’s been showing for more than 20 years. She was showing us photos of her Son who just entered the military, and I remember when she was pregnant with him. Wow, I’m SO OLD!

The photos are below.

Best in Show – Katrina Rea, 1st time win in over 20 years for exhibitor Rebecca Koesters!!!.. This was the finest example of this cultivar I have ever observed. quite large and the color was astounding. Way to Go Rebecca!!!

The White Ribbon winner for the best standard 3 stem Daffodil in the show. Exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover.

The mini Gold Ribbon winner (Best mini in show) was taken from the Watrous award winner exhibited by Suzy Wert. it’s funny how digital photos show things that we can’t see with our plain eyes.


The Mini White Ribbon winner. Angels Whisper (I know the file name says Angels Breath), exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover.

The Mini Rose Ribbon winner for the best mini seedling in show. Exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover.

The Standard Rose Ribbon for the best Standard Daffodil Seedling in show. This was chosen from a 3 stem entry, exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover.

The Youth, 3 stem Ribbon and single stem Ribbon Winners (lower flower) of “Peaceful Valley”, exhibited by Jonah Hubert. Some of his flowers are better quality than I’ve seen at my place.

The Single Stem Youth Ribbon winner. Peaceful Valley, exhibited by Jonah Hubert.

The small grower award for the best stem in the small grower section. Exhbited by Jonah Hubert, the winning stem was the lower left stem of this 3 stem collection of Sir Winston Churchill.

Spud Brogden sponsors a New Zealand Award in the Cincinnati show for the best stem of a New Zealand standard Daffodil. The winner was Cameo Joy, exhibited by Rebecca Koesters.

The single stem and cultivar “CLassic” ribbon winners. Stratosphere, exhibited by Mike & Lisa Kuduk.

Single Stem Intermediate – Eden Park, exhibited by Mary Lou Gripshover, who hyrbidized this specimen!. it’s a fantastic flower!

The Single Stem Intermediate Winner, “Eden Park” (which is also the name of the park where this venue is located!) This is Mary Lou Gripshovers own hybrid which she entered here.

The 5 stem intermediate award winner. Exhibited by Sara Kinne. The flowers of Warm Day, Elfin Dell, Bantam, Little Alice, and Scarlet Tanager.

the Historic Single Stem Ribbon Winner. Beryl, exhibited by Nancy Gill.

3 Stem Classic, Stratosphere – exhibited by Helen Trueblood.

3 stem Historic, Geranium, exhibited by Carolyn Cutshall

The Charimans award, for this show, it’s the best Div 11 Daffodil. Freedom Stars. Sorry, didn’t get the exhibitors name. Thanks Jan, the exhibitor was Jim Wilson.

Lavender Ribbon Winner for the best 5 stem of mini daffodils. Flowers of N. Jonquilla Minor, Little Mary Lou, N. Cordubensis, Little Rusky & N. Jonquilla. Exhbited by Mary Lou Gripshover.

The Red White and Blue ribbon winner for the best Standard 5 stem collection of American Bred Daffodils. Exhibited and Won by Sara Kinne, the flowers were: Yellow Satin, Reed 98-26-7, Gold Fusion, Reed QH 23/4 and Flash Point.

The Watrous award winner for the best collection of 12 stems of Miniature daffodils. Exhibited by Suzy Wert. I personally LOVED the top left seedling in this collection.

5 stem classic winner. Daydream, Kimmeridge, Shining LIght, Ambergate & Stratosphere. Exhibited by Mike and Lisa Kuduk.

The Maroon Ribbon Winner, for the best collection of 5 different reverse BiColored daffodils in the show. Exhibited and won by Linda Linda Wallpe.

5 stem historic winner, Jaune A Merveille, (Center Flower name missing) Yellow Cheerfulness, Ace of Diamonds, Dreamlight.

The Tuggle Award collection for the best entry of 12 different 3 stem vases. Exhibited by Sara Kinne.

The Throckmorton winner for the best collection of 15 standard Daffodil stems of 15 different color codes. Exhibited by Kathleen Simpson.

The havens award winner. Exhibited by Kathleen Simpson.

From a Blue Ribbon 3 stem entry of White division 1s. This is the cultivar “Sara Kinne”. Sara 1st approached me some years ago with this in her hand and asking me what I thought it was. I was so taken with it, that I started a conversation with Dr John Reed, it’s hybridizer to suggest he name it. I can’t capture the impressive size and white beauty of this flower. It’s a massive flower that is of show quality ‘every’ time as long as it’s not damaged. I can’t say enough about this cultivar.

Blue Ribbon 3 stem entry of “Sara Kinne” 1W-W. a little weather damage in the cup of one, but in general it came through the huge weather swings quite well.

The Bozie award win for the best collection of 12 stems from at least 4 divisions. The flowers were (From top left) Glasnevin, Pacific Rim, French Classic, Bee Mabley,
Center Row – Rocoza, Quiet Man, Panchali 8Y-R, Fulfillment, Pink Sunday, Conestoga, Classy Lady, and Foxy Lady.

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  1. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi says:

    No way to tell you, Tom, how much we appreciate your labor of love, lovingly posting everybody’s flowers with all the little extras.

    Never satisfied, you are going to say, but do you know anything at all about the seedling in the five by
    Roberta Watrous–from this distance, with the sizing, it looks a lot like some of those N. dubious crosses that Delia was so fond of making–which would mean Roberta was doing it probably ten years earlier.