J. R. Blanton

April 5, 2017

Category: Daffodil Types

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I bought Curly some years back and it seems what I have is something different I do have some curly in the clump but most of it looks the same as curly only different color it is a 1 y-o

I am attaching a pic

tiff infomation

4 responses to “J. R. Blanton”

  1. Henry Shejbal, Italy says:

    The cv. very similar to ‘Curly’ but with an orange frilled crown is called ‘Modern Art’.

  2. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Not Modern Art as I grow it, nor as depicted on daffseek.


  3. Keith Kridler, Texas Keith Kridler says:

    What about Bulley. Keith Kridler Northeast Texas

  4. JR Blanton, Ohio says:

    It is Vega found out at SWODS show