Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

Heritage help please!

October 3, 2017

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With too much to do I decided instead to go and visit some old friends.

Van  Sion.

Orange Phoenix

Yellow Phoenix (I think).

Orange Phoenix and Yellow Phoenix together.

This is an old 19th century pseudonarcissus. Perhaps someone can offer a reliable name for it. It appears to be a fertile diploid. It can set seed but it doesn’t do so freely in the way species often do.

I have two problems. If anyone can help or who can suggests someone to approach I would be very grateful.

Problem 1.

The two photos are of doubles from the same location. One is Van Sion (Telamonius Plenus). The second is of similar stature but appears to be quite distinct, even considering the great variation in Van Sion. Both can be dated back to at least the 19th century. I am confident both are diploids. Can anyone suggest a name for this second double?


Problem 2.

This plant appears to be a single form of Van Sion. Are such sports back to the single form common and does anyone have photos of them? Does Van Sion ever set seed such that, rather than a sport, this plant might be a seedling that has emerged within a clump of Van Sion?

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