Janet Loyd, Georgia

First blooms in Fayetteville, Ga

February 8, 2018

Category: General

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Here in My zone 8 garden, not counting the ole Lent Lilies, Twinkling Yellow, a division 7 miniature has arrived after a drenching rain yesterday. If they hold until show dates, they are always a show winner

2 responses to “First blooms in Fayetteville, Ga”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio says:

    Very nice, Janet.  It’s good to see that spring is coming somewhere.  Gonna be awhile here.

  2. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins2 says:


    Those are nice. A little early. If the weather is cold enough they may hold until your show date. But a month in the open will not do them any good. How good is your refrigerator?