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Beinn Sloidh Bulb Sale

August 11, 2018

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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As many of you know, my farm has for many years focused on historics as a collection and sold our flowers only cut, wholesale to local retailers.

I’m pleased to announce that stocks are now assured enough to do a very limited test run of selling bulbs, and the girls you may’ve met as 2-month olds at the 2013 ADS Convention are now 5 and planting since age 3, although they remained observers for this harvesting.

These are high quality, good size bulbs, field grown in rich, but well drained soil with extra large spacing given to the original bulb.

We are trying to make things simple for ordering each of these top historics by selling in half dozen lots, $7 for each set of six.  (This rate only being given for ADS members and  friends).  Shipments only to the U.S.

Our big list of four consists of:

HENRY IRVING   https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Henry%20Irving&auto=1

BATH’S FLAME    https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Bath%27s%20Flame&auto=1

WHITE LADY   https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=White%20Lady&auto=1

DAMSON  https://daffseek.org/detail-page/?cultivar=Damson

Our farm’s flowers can also be seen at:  https://www.facebook.com/HistoricDaffodils/

All are 100% true-to-name correct, and bonuses in the form of smaller bulbs of the same types you order if stocks allow.  Please see the order form here:

Beinn sloidh order form 2018

With regards,

Drew Mc Farland

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  1. Drew Mc Farland, Ohio Drew Mc Farland, Ohio says:

    Folks:  This post had been uploaded but not published because of an issue with the order form not displaying, which Nancy was helping with.  However, I’d since decided not to publish it because most of the bulbs have already been sold via an earlier post to the Historics listserv.  As such, please note that Bath’s Flame is the only cultivar still available in sufficient quantities to assure your order being filled.  Regards, Drew.